Allison Loker

Allison Gray Loker

The writer is a mother to two beautiful children and has a bachelor’s degree in writing. She divides her time between her son, daughter, and her passions for painting, writing, cooking, and photography.


Ambreen Suhaib

The writer is a housewife with three kids. She is working on the awareness and advocacy of autism and is known as Warrior Mommy on Instagram.


Ayesha Jazib

The writer is a mother to three, and a professional content writer based in Saudi Arabia. She is the Editor in Chief at Parenting in Focus, a blog website that highlights and discusses factors that may affect our parenting decisions. An advocate of mindful empowerment, she believes that great power lies in molding situations to work to our advantage.

Danish Mumtaz

The writer is the father of an autistic teen as well as three neurotypical children. He is a TV Commercials director, author, teacher, Certified NLP Practitioner, and Son-Rise Program Practitioner. He combines his experience of raising a happy, autistic child together with his NLP training to help parents raise confident, empathetic, God-conscious children.

Mehak Patel

The writer is a mother of a little boy, who inspired her to start her own mommy blog that includes your daily dose of parenting hacks and more. Having a degree in psychology has led her to take a psychological perspective on parenting and would like to be known as a mental health advocate.

Mehak Qazi

The writer is a practicing dermatologist In Karachi and the mother of a four-year-old. She loves to write and is a fitness enthusiast. She believes in having a work-life balance and leading a compassionate life.

Mehvash Zubairi

The writer is a stay-at-home mom of two boys based in Karachi. She has a keen interest in homeschooling and likes to bake in her free time. Currently, she is thinking of ways to dodge requests by her youngest son to play baby shark on her phone again and again and again…

Mohammad Ali Shah

The writer is a banker with over two decades of experience in foreign and local banks. A father of two boys and a daughter, he is based in Karachi and hopes to raise his children like he was raised by his parents: with love and a strong sense of what is right and what is wrong.

Hassan Kilde Bajwa

The writer is a proud feminist dad who lives in Denmark with his family and revels in the privilege of being a very “involved” father in his children’s lives. He is a former TV & Radio host who now creates content on women’s rights and the role men can play in dismantling patriarchal structures.

James Stoppelbein

The writer has worked in the construction and building material industry for most of his life. He is a veteran of the US Army where he was in the Infantry. A seminary graduate and a perpetual student of the Bible, he is currently in his eighth year employed as a corporate-level manager of a national brand manufacturer. He loves both provoking and encouraging his children and owes all credit to his wife.

Malaika Archer

The author is a content creator and lifestyle blogger from Guyana and currently lives in Canada with her husband and four children, two of whom are twins. She is a woman on a mission, and she aims to show women over 40 that starting over at this age is normal. Her passion is writing, and she uses her blog as an outlet to share her stories with the world.

Maryam Munir

The writer is an educator, teacher, and workshop leader for the Positive Discipline Association besides being the mother of four children. She is also the founder of The Parent Empowerment Project.

Sidrat Asim

The writer is a certified Conscious Parenting Coach. She brings together her knowledge and expertise in the areas of child development, conscious parenting and social/emotional development to support parents in creating a sense of calm, confidence and connection within themselves and their families.

Soha Shakil Khan

The writer is a Qatar-based mother of one restless toddler. She is a former advertising professional who is now a full-time homemaker. She loves cooking, eating, and thinking about food! She aims to prosper in the Pakistani food industry someday.

Sommaiya Noor Ali

The writer is an exuberant individual looking for opportunities to write, photograph, and learn. On her mission to try it all, she published her book Rising Above the Glass ceiling in 2020 in pursuit of her one constant passion of raising awareness about the issues women face while trying to accomplish something. She aspires to start multiple businesses one day and open charities globally.

Sophia Al Khawar

The writer is a certified Project Management Professional as well as a diversified generalist in the field of Sales, Marketing, Business Development, and Communications with experience of 20 years under her belt. She loves music, food, organizing high-end galas, and practising yoga. Her favourite golden rule for life is “To Each Their Own”.

Danish Raza

The writer works for a tech company and has a passion for technology. He is also an involved father of two amazing boys, who are always following in his footsteps.

Faryal Goraya

The writer is a juggler mum of two, who is struggling daily between being a mum, a wife, a diligent daughter-in-law and to top it all, being Fary herself. Founder and admin of the only platform of its kind for preschool admissions-related queries and challenges, she is proud to have helped and counseled a little over six thousand members secure admissions at their desired schools until today.

Fatimah Agha

The writer is a visual artist and a public speaker on spirituality and mysticism. A mother to three lovely children, she combines her mystical inclinations and meditation practice with her passion for artistic expression as a path to connecting with the Divine.

Fiza Khuhro

The writer is an influencer, and content creator. A lawyer by qualification and a homemaker by profession. She is a mother to an exuberant, loving, and energetic 4-year-old boy. She likes to live every day to its fullest.

Viqar Habib Bokhari

The writer runs an unconventional school in Islamabad, where she is Principal, Director, and mentor to her students. A mother to three children, she is a Ph.D. doctor who identifies herself as an empath and counsels parents as well as children.

Waqar Hassan

The writer is based in Sweden and is a dedicated father to a three-year-old son. In his spare time, he loves to cycle and enjoys cooking.

Yusra Shah

The writer is a copywriter for a luxury fashion retail company. She loves writing about all things lifestyle, fashion and makeup. In her spare time, she likes to work out and catch up on trends in the fashion world.

Zainah Naroo

The writer is a freelance makeup artist based in Toronto and a mother of two beautiful. She stays on top of the latest trends and is passionate about makeup and her girls. She enjoys trying out new recipes and cooking. Life after two kids has changed her for the better and she wouldn’t want it any other way!

Noorulain Zafer

The writer is a businesswoman and comes with over sixteen years of work experience. She can be reached on Mind Works International on Facebook.

Sadaf Faisal

The writer is a motivational speaker for parents with critically ill children. An activist for special needs awareness, she has hands-on experience of loving and caring for two differently-abled daughters with Metachromatic Leukodystrophy. She is also a kindness-rock artist, distributing hand-painted rocks amongst leading hospitals and individuals facing challenges. Her work promotes kindness, inclusion & mental health awareness.

Sadia Shamim

The writer is a freelance recipe creator and was a statistics student before her marriage. A full-time mother of two kids, she is enjoying motherhood to the fullest and has recently started interacting with parents of children with special needs and tries to solve their problems with emotional support and motivation.

Salwa Qadir Bastaki

The writer is a personal trainer, stretch therapist, and powerlifter based in the Greater Toronto Area. A full-time working mother of two, she believes that strength training is fundamental for women’s mental and physical health. “Put a barbell in a woman’s hands and watch its power transcend her life.”

jennifer arnold

Jennifer Arnold

The writer is a mom of four living in California. Along with unschooling her kids, she is a copywriter, a blogger, and a disability advocate. You can find her at @thisisourunschoolinglife on Instagram.

Habibah Anwaar

The writer is currently a housewife and a full-time mom to two boys. She has worked in a reputable school as a science and maths teacher and loves doing STEM activities with her kids, and sharing them with other parents on Instagram. In her spare time, she loves to read and cook.