About Farwah Shah

I am so many people that I find it difficult to decide which one to introduce. 

I am a writer. I have written poetry since I was ten. I still find them here and there in my belongings and they bring a smile to my face. I can truly be myself when I write and just let my words flow like paint on a canvas. I write. 

I am an art enthusiast. I won’t call my myself an artist because I have never given it that much time. Perhaps one day I shall. I create. 

I am a photographer. I love taking portraits and have little ideas in my head that I try to bring out in my photos. I am yet to pick up my camera to photograph my kids. It’s been a long time. I click. 

I am a feminist. I advocate for the rights of the oppressed. It’s just something that’s a part of me. I advocate. 

I am a mother. This is what I identify with most these days. Perhaps I should have written it in the beginning but I chose to write it in the end. Motherhood transformed me into someone I didn’t even know existed. I was one of those hypothetical mothers long before I became one. Actually, maybe even before I got married. Babies were an obsession. I’m not proud of it, but like many others, I judged mothers on how they raised their children and always wanted to tell them how it should be done (in my head obviously :p). I only realized how wrong I was when I actually became a mother, and everything I thought I knew literally went down the drain. You make mistakes, you fall, you get up, and go on. You grow with your child. You as a mother are the same age as your first child 🙂

So I created this blog to retell my experiences as a first-time mommy and then even with my second child, in the hopes that even if it doesn’t help you, it might just bring a smile to your face and brighten your day. Motherhood is such a complex bundle of a multitude of emotions, some of which you don’t even know you possess. My favorite part about motherhood is the unconditional love I have received. There is nothing in the world better than that smile and that hug that comes even after you haven’t been your best with them. Welcome to my little world where I talk about my two monkeys, how I raise them, and also how they’re raising me, along with all the parts I love, and don’t love so much. I raise.

Lastly, I am a woman. I feel. I laugh. I scream. I rebel. I grieve. I move on. I exist.

I am Farwah Shah. Welcome to my journey.

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