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Why You Should Get The 7 Habits of Happy Kids

We got our first 7 Habits of Happy Kids book as a present more than two years ago. It was a thin paperback called “Just the Way I Am” and it pertained to habit 1 of the proclaimed 7 habits.

It was about a hedgehog called Pokey who used to get bullied at school because of his quills. So essentially, he was getting bullied because of how he looked. There was a very valuable lesson at the end which, yes you guessed it, helped Pokey realize that he was perfect just the way he was! This book was based on the first habit which was that we should be proactive and take charge of the situation because we are the ones in charge.

I was already familiar with Sean Covey because I had read The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teenagers as a teenager. But I simply loved the book! We all did, including my husband and my son, and we liked it so much that we went to look for books on the other habits at the bookstore. We went looking for it only to find out that they aren’t available but we found “THE 7 HABITS OF HAPPY KIDS”. This was an almost hundred-page book that had all the habits and a little story on each habit. 

So what are the seven habits of happy kids? They are:

  1. Be proactive: You’re in charge!
  2. Begin with the end in mind: Have a plan!
  3. Put first things first: Work first then play!
  4. Think win-win: Everyone can win!
  5. Seek first to understand, then to be understood: Listen before you talk!
  6. Synergize: Together is better!
  7. Sharpen the saw: Balance feels best!

The habits are such that the first three start with “you”. They are all about how you can bring a change in yourself. The fourth, fifth, and sixth habits pertain to your relationship with others. It is about how you react to others and deal with them. The final habit is about remembering to take care of yourself. The best part about this book is that after each story which is based on one habit, there are questions to ask the child to make it more engaging. What I love is that my son answers a little differently every time! After the questions, there is also a little section called “Baby Steps” which has little steps that help inculcate these very habits into our children.

Since the book is for children, it also has another little interactive element that your children will absolutely love. There is a little worm called Ernie who is introduced in one of the first pages that is introducing the characters in the book. He is introduced as being very shy and that we have to go looking for him. We figured out that Ernie is actually hiding on every page in the illustrations and children have a ball of a time trying to look for him.

Also, do you want to know an interesting detail? The 7 habits of highly effective people and teens are exactly the same as these! The concept is just explained in a manner that the specified age group can relate to it! I promise it’s not like other self-help books which tend to be a bit boring and one can’t expect children to stay long enough to read them or listen to them being read. These stories, however, are short and interesting and engage the child so much that he wants to listen to more! What more do we want if our kids love the stories and learn valuable life lessons?! If your child enjoys books, then you should definitely get this book and become a fan like me.

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