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Top 100 Self Care Ideas for Moms

Do you get overwhelmed sometimes? Tired of always being on the run? Tired of always having to do something? Just plain tired? We all do. 

Whether you’re a working woman or a stay-at-home mom, you know exactly what I’m talking about. As mothers, as wives, and in the different roles we play in our lives when life brings you on the fast track, you often forget that in order to remain sane, you need to catch a break. What do you do then to avoid getting sucked into the wormhole of depression and self-pity? What do you do for self care?

You need to take that nap, you need to go on that drive, you need to go meet that friend, you need to get that massage done. 

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Yes. Need. Not want. 

It’s ironic that we as women often think of these little things as luxuries. A long bath for example. A blow-dry just because I want to feel good about myself today. Two hours of coffee and a good book. A shopping trip just to get things for yourself. When was the last time you did that? Went on a shopping spree as a mother and only got things for yourself?

 If you ask me, that’s never. Never as a mother. 

We think of every other person before we think of ourselves. My son might need this. My husband has been looking for this. I can get things for myself later but imagine how happy my child will be. So we give in. What we need to understand is that sometimes it just needs to be about us. We too are human after all.

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Did you know that depression is twice as prevalent in women than in men? Why do you think that is? I think it is so because men know how to prioritize themselves. Even when they forget, there is always someone pushing them to do so, whether it is a mother, a wife, or even a friend. 

Women, however, prioritize themselves at the end of their “priority chain”. We have so many people to think about. So many people have an opinion about how mothers should be, how wives should be, and how women, in general, should be. We end up feeling like we have to live up to those expectations. 

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Look at men. If they have a certain routine, they almost always have something that they love doing as part of the routine. Whether it’s the gym, a favorite sport, a hobby, watching some sport, or a boys’ night out; they will build their entire schedule around what they love, and they will never compromise on it. 

Why do we do it then? Why do we think a million times before doing something for ourselves?

The Magic of Self-Care

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A beautiful friend of mine taught me about self-care. I admit I’m still not very good at it. But when I do get down to it, it feels so good! It literally boosts your entire day and gives you energy bolts for the day. You are happier, calmer, and more ready to listen to the 101 random tantrums of your children, and of course, the man-child. Why? Because you are at peace with yourself. You are happy. 

100 Brilliant Self-Care Ideas

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There are a million things you can do as self-care, and frankly, it varies hugely from person to person. What I may call self-care may not be the same for you. Here are some general examples of what self-care can be like:

  1. A blow-dry
  2. A chat with an old friend
  3. A good book
  4. A haircut
  5. A hot shower
  6. A new dress
  7. A nap
  8. A pillow fight with a friend
  9. A pedicure
  10. A shopping spree
  11. Adopting a pet
  12. An hour of Netflix
  13. Applying a face mask
  14. Asking someone for help
  15. Baking
  16. Boxing
  17. Buying yourself that thing you want but don’t need
  18. Coloring with children
  19. Complimenting oneself
  20. Complimenting yourself in front of a mirror
  21. Cooking
  22. Daydreaming
  23. Dancing
  24. Decluttering
  25. Doing a digital detox
  26. Doing makeup
  27. Doing something wild and out of the norm
  28. Donating to a cause
  29. Dressing up
  30. Drinking water
  31. Dyeing your hair
  32. Eating cake
  33. Eating chocolate
  34. Eating vitamins
  35. Exercising
  36. Getting a makeover
  37. Getting a massage
  38. Getting a tattoo
  39. Getting yourself flowers
  40. Going barefoot for a day
  41. Going camping
  42. Going for a long drive
  43. Going for a run
  44. Going for a walk
  45. Going for therapy
  46. Going on a date night
  47. Going on a diet
  48. Going to the beach
  49. Going to the park
  50. Having ice cream
  51. Helping someone in need
  52. Hiking
  53. Hugging someone
  54. Jumping on a trampoline
  55. Laughing with a child
  56. Learning a new language
  57. Learning a new skill
  58. Listening to your favorite music
  59. Listening to your favorite podcast
  60. Making a new friend
  61. Making candy
  62. Meeting a friend
  63. Munching on candy
  64. Munching on carbs
  65. New shoes
  66. Painting
  67. Painting your nails
  68. Painting your room
  69. Planting something
  70. Playing a sport
  71. Playing a video game
  72. Playing hide and seek
  73. Playing with Lego
  74. Praying
  75. Reading a magazine
  76. Reading poetry
  77. Scrolling on your phone
  78. Sharing a joke with a friend
  79. Singing in the shower
  80. Smiling
  81. Soaking in the rain
  82. Spa date with a friend
  83. Stargazing
  84. Stretching
  85. Sunbathing
  86. Taking a detox bath
  87. Taking a long bath
  88. Taking deep breaths
  89. Taking selfies
  90. Telling someone you love them
  91. Telling yourself five things you are grateful for
  92. Traveling
  93. Unfriending toxic people
  94. Visiting a theme park
  95. Watching a funny movie
  96. Watching the sunrise
  97. Watching the sunset
  98. Working out
  99. Writing
  100. Yoga

I’m sure there are things on this list that you don’t think are self-care. That’s okay because like I said, it can’t be the same for everyone. Some days, even washing your face and combing your hair is self-care. Some people suggest having a day in the week for yourself if you cannot do something for yourself every day. That is how the term “self-care Sunday” came about. 

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The point just is that we have to indulge in something that makes us feel good. And once we do that, once we get out of the rut, and simply take a moment for ourselves, we feel it. We feel that fresh air hitting us in the face. We let that last comment slide. We don’t stretch that argument. We ignore the banter. We smile and we don’t care for a while. 

We become men. 

It’s fun. 

Every woman should try it. 

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  1. Amazing ideas for those who are mums and everyone else out there! I can’t imagine being a mum – I go crazy at the moment with a full time job and two cats!!

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