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Parents in Love

In the morning today, my kids jumped onto the bed with us. My five-year-old sat with one leg on me and the other one on his dad. He went on to say that one day I am going to staple your clothes so that you’ll always be together! Can I do it now Ama?

While laughing about it, I realized how deep that really is! He wants his parents never to be apart. All I could think was how beautiful that is! It also instilled a tinge of pride in me because I thought that we must have done “something” right for him to be thinking this way. 

I remember thinking about this and making a conscious decision about it earlier when Zaviar was a baby. To never shy away from affection with each other in front of our kids. To let them witness pure love so they always feel at home and safe around us. 

Maybe this is when we are witnessing the fruits of it. Perhaps this is what they mean when they say children strengthen your bond. Perhaps this is how when later on in life, parents get into arguments, the kids are always calm and complacent because they know that their parents will be fine. They can’t live without each other. 

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