the sibling bond

Raising Brothers: The Sibling Bond

Have another one they said…

You must have heard this a lot. It’s hilarious and the joke is real. It gives all the feels. But some days take you to another place… some days you just go: Awwww!

This was one of those days. I love the bond between my 22-month-old and five-year-old. This is because most of the time my elder one is super patient MashaaAllah. So patient, in fact, that I could honestly learn from him. 🙈

Today they were both sitting on one armchair. Azlaan, my little one just loves to follow Zaviar around and be within physical contact even if they’re not playing together. So Azlaan was annoying Zavo quite a bit in front of me when I asked Zaviar to go and sit on the armchair. Obviously Azlaan followed, sat next to him and pushed him off. I wanted to tell Zaviar to go elsewhere now but that wouldn’t be fair to him so I just observed. Azlaan wasn’t letting him sit he spread his legs and kicked off any attempt of his brother trying to get on. I thought Zaviar will give up by now. 

Then Zaviar said: Azlaan, sit! 

And Azlaan automatically made space for him. I just sat there awestruck because I mean, what just happened?! 

I asked Zavo what was that and he told me that whenever Azlaan wants him to make space he comes up to him and commands: Zaviar, sit!

And Zaviar makes space for him. So he did that too. I thought this was so cute! 

That’s when it hit me: It’s the sibling bond. The essence of communication. They already know more about each other than I know about them. 

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