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Let your children believe in magic

I had an interesting conversation with my three-year-old today.

I asked him what he wanted to be when he grows up since he changes his mind every other day. In the summers, it was firefighter, then more recently it was doctor.

However today, he said magician. And then went on to explain that he saw Joey Magician in Tayo, a show he enjoys watching. “Joey Magician is really nice Ama! I like him!”

I smiled at his innocence. “What do magicians do Ama? Do they do magic?”

“No Zaviar they only do tricks. The magic they do isn’t real!”

And all of a sudden, I realized what I’m doing. I’m depriving a toddler of believing in something that childhood is all about. I’m forcing him to grow up and see the world for what it is. The harsh and bitter world that our children will eventually witness anyway.

Why shouldn’t they live in their little bubble a little longer? Where their wishes come true and they find joy in the simplest of things. Where Mom knows everything and can see them all the time even when she’s not around. Where they want the most impossible things and pray that they happen.

Like the other day, he was praying it snows here in Karachi! However much I tried to convince him, he still believed that since God can make all our wishes come true, it can snow here! And I let him believe that. Because nothing is impossible for God and I’ve taught him that and anything I say otherwise will only go against that.

Also, he’s already started challenging that “mom can see everything” since he comes back from school and asks me what he did there. “You can see everything na Ama so tell me what I did in school today.”

So my little munchkin who thinks he learned how to talk all by himself, and Ama and Baba haven’t taught him any of it, is already growing up too fast. Slow down, I shout in my head. Remain a baby for now. Remain innocent and untarnished from the cruelty and harshness of this world. Keep believing in magic, and wishes coming true.

“Ama made a mistake Zaviar”, I told him.

“You’re right, Magicians can do magic.”

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