walk with me Baba

Walk with me Baba

These are trying times Baba, I know you’re putting on a brave face

I get my resilience from you and I am learning how to slow my pace

Walk with me Baba, you please slow down too

Play with me so I forget that I can’t go out and still enjoy this time with you

I know you aren’t used to working from home and dealing with my noise

I make it to get your attention which I need more than my toys

Let’s laugh a little more Baba who knows what is to come

Let’s hug a little tighter and let’s escape this humdrum

Let’s walk the storm together for together we are one

For when you hold my hand all my fears amount to none

Let’s come out of this stronger and shine a little more

Be my sunshine and my umbrella in this treacherous downpour

We will miss these times when we go back to what was

Let’s embrace and make the most out of this beautiful pause

[This poem is written by Zaviar’s mom on his behalf and it is addressed to his father. It applies to all fathers and all children]

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