How to mold your man into the perfect husband

The perfect husband

Isn’t it every woman’s dream? To mold her husband to fit every ideal she has ever had in her mind. To make him the perfect friend, the perfect lover, the perfect shopping partner, the perfect yes-man, the perfect father; to make the man just perfect. The perfect husband.

Let me tell you how to do that.

Men have an inherent quality. They don’t think rationally. Sometimes it may lead us women, the superior gender, to believe that they don’t think at all. This is also true at times. Many a times, when I have asked my husband what’s on his mind, he has said “nothing”. But it confuses the living daylights out of me. HOW CAN SOMEONE’S MIND BE A BLANK SLATE? I mean there’s always something on my mind. ALWAYS. I would actually love that peace of mind. To not be able to think about anything and just be. However I can’t. But he can because he’s a man.

Now that we are over that, let me tell you why I mentioned that. Since men don’t think all the time, we can think for them. We can use this opportunity to PUT THOSE WORDS in his head. Believe me, it’s very beneficial in the long run. Show him and teach him how important you are and he will learn. They’re slow learners but they are strong willed and they love you. They will get there eventually. You just have to be consistent and not give up.

There are many things you can teach your husband and it’s different, really, for everyone, because a custom-made husband for me might be different for you. But the common things, like never sleeping on a fight can be fixed. Make sure you pester him till he realizes he has no other choice and caves in and you win, because sleep is important. Make sure he knows he has to wake you up smiling with a kiss; perhaps also make breakfast for you. Make sure he feeds the kids, gives them baths, and puts them to bed. Teach him. Maybe by the time they’re teenagers, he will learn. Do not fret; you’re helping a generation. He can help take care of your grandchildren too. Because you know, that’s the time you will want to relax and have fun, and let those parents do the raising. Also make sure he takes care of the kids at every event you go out to, because who can be a mommy while being all dolled up? Daddy of course!

You have to teach him to start the day with telling you how much he loves you and how beautiful you look even when you have just woken up, especially when you have just woken up, and you can teach him to end it with apologizing. There doesn’t have to be a reason and you have to teach him that. Men don’t know that there is ALWAYS a reason. But give them that benefit of doubt. You know they don’t think as much as you.

Give him a list of things that make you happy, and tell him check off at least five every day. Make sure the list is achievable by him. Do not make it difficult as it will only demotivate him and make him think you deserve better. Which you do, I know, but why make the lad feel bad?

I think with the tips I have related, you can get the perfect husband, or at least catch a glimpse of him before you die. Provided, you don’t die young, please don’t do that, men take very long, and cant accomplish perfection in less than fifty married years. 

To sum it up, yes its every woman’s dream. Mine too. I have gotten the giving bath part right till now. And the taking care of kids at weddings. I’m working on the rest. I suggest you do the same 😉 Raising this boy is the toughest. Specially raising him to be the perfect husband. But lets do it with love.

Farwah Shah


  • This was hilarious! I am going to try to “mold my man”. I definitely agree with men not thinking rationally. I would put it like they don’t think at all! 😛

    Victoria Hayes

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