letter from the unborn child

Tribute to Motherhood: From the Diary of An Unborn Child

What will I feel when I see you I wonder

My emotions are a mix of sunshine and thunder

I know you fell in love with me as soon as I became

A tiny little speck of life without even a name

You spend your days and hours sometimes in pain

Sometimes you struggle hard even to keep sane

I know this is new for you just like it is for me

Together we have to cover this beautiful yet difficult journey

I’m counting the days until I meet you I just can’t wait

I know you are going to be just perfect it’s only just fate

All that you do all that you will continue to do

I will cherish every minute. I can’t repay you even if I try to

I’m sorry for everything you’re going through

I’m going to come and try to make it just fine

I’ll come right out and give you a smile

I know it’ll make your day just like seeing you will make mine

You’re the most beautiful thing to wait for, Mother

Thunder and sunshine, after all, make a rainbow, like no other!

Farwah Shah
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