The bomb called death

I never realized, before that day, that one death could have such a ripple effect.

That one person could be holding in so much, that when she died, it was as if a bomb dropped on us and injured us physically and mentally.

Some of us lost the ability to think. 

Some of us kept denying there was a bomb. 

Some of us didn’t hear a thing. 

Some kept wanting to forget we were all in this. That we all felt the blast. And we all broke apart. 

Some of us wanted to forget it ever happened. 

Some of us couldn’t bear to look at ourselves. 

Some of us felt guilty. 

Some of us felt like we lost too much. 

But all of us felt the bomb. All of us got hurt. 

You were one person. And we all died with you. 

None of us is the same person. Not one of us is the same. Your death took away a piece of us. A piece that gave us happiness. We can’t ever be whole again. We can’t be whole without you.

You completed us. We will always be incomplete without you. 

RIP Anu 2014

Farwah Shah
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