Breaking chains

At first I felt like I was let down
I felt rebellious like I had been wronged
I did everything yet it was to no avail
It transformed me into another person
Chained and locked up in jail

I flailed my arms trying to break the chains
But they were stronger than I thought
The more I tried to free myself
The more they reinforced my pain

Then I had another plan
I pretended to have given up
I surrendered to the thousand chains
And gave in to the unending pain

Sitting and weeping in my own blood
I realized my chains were loose
They were my thoughts and fears
Restraining me, stopping me, overpowering me

I stole a glance in the mirror
Saw what I had become
The sunken eyes the hollow cheeks
I couldn’t recognize myself
It was someone entirely else

I wiped my tears and started to laugh
I laughed hysterically and could not stop
My plan had worked I broke the chains
But I broke myself in the process
I could see pieces of myself everywhere

Farwah Shah
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